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The Atlantic
The Lost Victorian Art of Egg Collecting
How Ancient Coral Revealed the Changing Length of a Year

Discover Magazine
A Femur’s Journey into Putty: The Hidden World of Bone Transplants
HMS Challenger: Humanity’s First Real Glimpse of the Deep Oceans

National Geographic Voices
Ridiculously Cute Mouse Lemurs Hold the Key to Madagascar’s Past

Atlas Obscura
The Secret Egyptian Chapel Hidden Inside a Chicago Break Room

UChicago News
Blue crystals in meteorites show sun behaved like “high energy toddler”



The Hideout
A Scientist Walks into a Bar (monthly series since January 2018)

The Whistler
Diorama (recurring series in September 2018)

National Summit: March for Science 2018
Science that Serves: Towards Authentic Engagement between Researchers, Scientific Institutions, and the Community

Field Museum Women in Science Mixer 2017
Science Communication: Telling Your Story


Press releases

Fossil turtle didn’t have a shell yet, but had the first toothless turtle beak

Tree-dwelling, coconut-cracking giant rat discovered in Solomon Islands

Woodpeckers show signs of possible brain damage, but that might not be a bad thing

When the dinosaurs died, so did forests — and tree-dwelling birds

‘Rainbow’ dinosaur had iridescent feathers like a hummingbird

Eyelash-sized plants reveal climate change — and citizen scientists help identify them

Tiny paragliding beetle that lived with dinosaurs discovered in amber, named ‘Jason’

What soot-covered, hundred-year-old birds can tell us about saving the environment

Easy-Bake fossils

Easter Island’s society might not have collapsed

A shipwreck and an 800-year-old ‘made in China’ label reveal lost history

Chihuahua-sized fossil ‘beardogs’ shed new light on evolution of dogs and their relatives

“Spider-Man” worm-snails discovered on Florida shipwreck

Early dinosaur ‘cousin’ discovered — and it’s not like scientists thought it’d be

Spotted skunk evolution driven by climate change

How can you tell deep-sea octopuses apart? Check their warts

Newly discovered dinosaur had ‘T. rex arms’ that evolved independently

Ancient peoples shaped the Amazon rainforest

Mammals began their takeover long before the death of the dinosaurs

Today’s rare meteorites were once common

SUE Lends a Hand: Field Museum Scientists Remove T. rex’s Arm for Argonne Study